Donation Terms

ReStore Gift-in-Kind Donations Disclaimer
Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon (referred to Habitat Saskatoon) is Registered Charity in Canada - no. 13115 4536 RR0001.

These are the Terms and Conditions which govern ReStore Gift In Kind (GIK) Donations made to the Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon ReStore by all individuals and corporations.

1. Habitat Saskatoon will use the GIK donation at its discretion.
2. Habitat Saskatoon reserves the right to refuse any donation. Discretion is entirely up to Habitat Saskatoon. Reasons for the refusal of a GIK donation could include but are not limited to the following:
   a) Cleanliness/condition
   b) Resale viability
   c) Safety of staff and volunteers
3. All GIK donation pick up requests MUST be made through or by calling Habitat Saskatoon’s ReStore at 306.343.7763. Emails sent to Habitat Saskatoon’s general Email will NOT be processed or approved.
4. Habitat Saskatoon requires the collection of your name, address, email address and phone number when donating. This ensures we are incompliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Your data will be protected as per our privacy policy found at
5. All GIK donors are entitled to receive a donation receipt for the estimated Restore Sale Value (RSV). This amount is determined at the time of the donation and is at the complete discretion of Habitat Saskatoon.

Once your donation Pick Up request has been approved, here are a few important things to know.
  • For larger items, please also provide measurements so we can plan our pickup.
  • Please ensure your donation items are clean, free of debris, and disassembled (if possible) for transportation.
  • You (or your representative) must be on-site for the pickup.
On the day of your donation pickup, we ask that you consider these important safety factors.
  • Please ensure all donation items are located on ground level (I.e. main floor of building or garage.
  • Please ensure all donation items are accessible:
        o Is there enough room for our Habitat Van (5-tonne truck should not be double-parked)?
        o Is there enough room for our moving equipment (dollies, handcarts, etc.) to move the donated items?
        o Is the path from our Habitat Van to your donation items safe? (i.e. exterior pathways to residence are free of ice and/or salted and all pathways free of clutter/debris).
        o Are pets safely secured during the pickup period?
        o Are floor coverings protected? Safety regulations require us to wear protective footwear at all times when handling items.

If you have other items you wish to donate not previously discussed when the pickup was scheduled, it will be at the discretion of the Donation Ambassadors upon arrival to accept the items. They have planned the schedule of pickups for the day based on the information provided.

Thank you again for thinking of Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon. If you choose to drop off your donation at our store instead of scheduling a pickup, our ReStore is open 7 days a week, 10am to 6pm daily.